Balance Me Out  (Hormone Balancing Program)

For those who need to regulate blood sugar, stress levels, thyroid function, and their menstrual cycles.

Our hormone balancing program offers a natural approach that addresses the causes of hormone imbalance and not just the symptoms. While many conventional approaches merely add more hormones to the body, a naturopathic approach focuses on supporting the body’s natural metabolic processes to achieve hormonal balance. Lifestyle, stress, environmental exposures, genetics, and past health history can all influence our hormonal balance in various ways. A natural strategy should attempt to provide nutritional support for the body’s production, use, and excretion of various hormones-particularly estrogen. This goal can be achieved by:

  • Simple dietary changes- Because diet affects estrogen detoxification, eating the right kinds of food can enhance the success of a hormone balance program.

  • Nutritional supplementation support- many nutrients such as phytoestrogens and certain vitamins and minerals nutritionally support important metabolic processes essential to maintaining a proper balance of hormones.

  • Other naturopathic modalities such as: acupuncture, and herbs can be used to correct any energetic imbalances.

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