De-Stress Me (Mind-body relaxation program)

For those who need tools and effective ways to help cope with everyday stress and reduce the effects of stress on the body.

What is stress? Stress is any perceived threat (known and unknown) to your mental, physical and emotional well-being and the perception that this threat is beyond your ability to cope.

Every one faces stress of some form. There is so-called good stress, the kind of stress that motivates us to focus on and take care of ourselves like knowing when to go to see the doctor, paying bills on time, making healthy choices. Stress becomes unhealthy when it no longer serves our best interest – causes us to smoke or drink in excess, eat unhealthy foods, keep us up at night, worry, etc.

This program uses hypnosis, mind-body techniques and relaxation exercises to help you deal with unhealthy stress. This program can help become aware of and address short term and long-term sources of stress and equip you with practical tools that you can use.

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