Healthy Together (Enhancing Pregnancy Program)

A healthy baby starts with a healthy pregnancy!

This is a complete pregnancy program to help you prepare your body for pregnancy. Prenatal Care involves three phases: Prenatal care, Pregnancy Care and Post-partum Care.

Prenatal Care: This is the most important phase of pregnancy as a healthy baby starts with a healthy you! A naturopathic assessment will prepare your body for a healthy and complication-free pregnancy and baby. Any underlying issues that may affect your fertility such as hormonal imbalances, stress and any health conditions will need to be addressed first.

Pregnancy Care: During pregnancy there are different concerns that may arise at different phases or your pregnancy (first, second and third trimester). A naturopathic approach during pregnancy is the safe way for you and your baby to address these health concerns. In addition, many prescription or over-the-counter drugs may not be appropriate or can even be harmful.

Post-partum Care: Each woman will respond differently to the effects of pregnancy and childbirth, nonetheless pregnancy is very stressful on a woman’s body. Proper support for full recovery is pertinent to prevent future health issues. Post-pregnancy can also be a very stressful time for a new mother as they may be faced with various issues such as breastfeeding difficulties, common childhood ailments, and food introduction. Naturopathic doctors can help to educate and support you through this special time.

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