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What is happening in the brain during hypnosis?

The brain normally produces various electrical brain wave patterns throughout the day: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta.

Beta waves (14 – 30 Hz) occur while we are alert and conscious. We produce beta waves while we are working, actively thinking and problem solving – under stress.

Alpha waves (9 – 13 Hz) occur while we are calm, perhaps relaxed, but still lucid. We produce alpha waves when resting after completing a task, when taking a “mental break”, while taking a deep breath when we realize we’ve been a beta state for a long time. Simple breathing exercises can produce an alpha state.

Theta waves (4 – 8 Hz) occur during deep relaxation, meditation and focused visualization. We produce theta waves while daydreaming in class or during a meeting. Long distance runners are often in a theta state when they feel they are “in the zone” or experience a “runner’s high”. Even driving on long stretches of highway often produces theta brain waves; this explains the experience of being unable to recall driving during the last few kilometers.

Delta waves (1-3 Hz) occur during sleep and dreaming.

The hypnosis state goes between the alpha and theta states. The brain feels relaxed but is still consciously alert when it needs to be. Therefore, most of the general population has experienced being in a hypnotic state at some time or another.

Alpha and theta states are very beneficial to our well-being.

Unfortunately modern life is very stress inducing, and many people spend a lot of time in a Beta state (which increases the stress response) and have a hard time producing their own alpha and theta states.

In a clinical setting, hypnosis creates the alpha and theta states in individuals and use them to their advantage: to make positive changes mentally, physically and emotionally. Furthermore, during sessions with the hypnotherapist, the individual learns how to self-hypnotize and control their own beta, alpha and theta states – thus improving their overall health.

How are Hypnotherapists trained?

Certified hypnotherapists undergo training that is approved by the National Guild of Hypnosis. Our hypnotherapists are certified and received their training at the Ontario Hypnosis School and Clinic, Canada’s leading hypnosis training facility and hypnosis clinic under Georgina Cannon , an award-winning, board-certified, master consulting hypnotist.

Many insurance companies cover a portion of the cost of Hypnosis (when performed by a Naturopathic Doctor). Be sure to check with you plan administrator for details.

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