Three Ways His Sperm is Causing Miscarriages


3 Ways His Sperm is Causing Miscarriages


  • Are you trying to get pregnant? 

  • Have you experienced miscarriage or stillbirth? 

  • Does he have high or above normal levels of DNA fragmentation? 

  • Is your partner overweight or obese?

  • Is your partner 40 years old or older?

  • Does your partner have high stress levels? 

  • Is he exposed to toxins at work or home? 

If you answered YES to 2 or more questions, now is a good time to address his sperm health! 


About 1 in 4 couples will experience the heart break of a miscarriage. Think miscarriage is solely a woman’s fertility issue? Think again! 

Recent research has revealed that sperm health may be more related to miscarriages than we believed. The following are the 3 common reasons for miscarriage and how poor sperm health could be sabotaging your chances for a healthy baby:


1)    Chromosomal Abnormalities:This refers to a problem with the DNA in the embryo that makes it unable to continue in pregnancy. Both the egg and sperm contribute equally to the genetics of a baby. Sperm DNA can be damaged during production or transport and this is called DNA fragmentation. High levels of DNA fragmentation have been shown to double the chances of a miscarriage. Research has shown that in couples that have experienced miscarriage, the men in those couples have higher levels of sperm DNA fragmentation compared to couples that give birth to healthy babies. 


Sperm DNA fragmentation can be affected by stress, smoking, recreational drugs, work place chemical exposure, obesity, blood pressure, heat, testicular conditions and other treatable medical and lifestyle factors. Men older than 40 years of age have a higher risk of producing genetic and chromosomal defects in their children.  


The good news issimple health, diet and lifestyle changes can have a profound effect on sperm health and sometimes, help a couple conceive naturally without the female partner taking drugs and undergoing invasive procedures. 


2)    Problems with the Placenta:a healthy placenta is essential for a healthy pregnancy as it provides oxygen, nutrients, hormones and immune functions for the growing baby. Placenta problems can cause miscarriage and stillbirth.


But did you know that it is the sperm that creates the placenta and umbilical cord


The good news isimproving sperm health can influence placenta health which means a healthy pregnancy, mother and baby.


3)    Birth defects and stillbirth:The cause of birth defects and stillbirth can be due to toxin exposure in menbeforethe baby is conceived. Although much emphasis is placed on the woman to be healthy and avoid toxins before and during pregnancy, men are actually more likely than women to be exposed to the very toxins known causes of birth defects. This includes dietary toxins such as alcohol, smoking, recreational drugs and food additives and environmental toxins such as manufacturing chemicals, pesticides, x-rays, electro-magnetic fields, heavy metals and so on. Research has shown a link between men’s exposure to several common industrial chemicals and an increased incidence of childhood tumours, cancers and birth defects. 


The good news isthere are simple ways to help reduce the effect of toxins on the body and sperm health, ultimately helping you have a healthy family. 

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