All About Sperm


DID YOU KNOW? About 1 in 5 men have reduced sperm count



More is more: 15 million sperm per mL OR 40 million total sperm count are considered the minimum for fertility (according to the World Health Organization). 

Why make so many?? Because up to 95% of sperm produced are abnormal (many can’t swim straight or fast, look weird, or have genetic errors) and only the strongest, fastest, straightest swimmers will make it to the egg. 

Precious cargo: Sperm contain half of the genetic material (DNA) needed to make a baby. (The woman’s egg contains the other half). The sperm is the race car making a very important delivery!

Sperm want to make a good impression because the egg chooses the sperm that will fertilize it.

Semen is a chock-full of nutrients like vitamin C, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin B12, zinc, calcium, protein and sugar. These are super important to nourish the sperm.



Simple changes can improve your health! For YOU and YOUR SPERM! 

Just follow the 5T’s

Temperature: Let them balls hang freely! The optimal temperature for sperm production is 3 degrees COOLER than a man’s core body temperature. 

Testosterone: Many men have reduced testosterone and don’t even know it. Low energy, low libido, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, depression, stress and low sperm counts can all be signs of low testosterone.

Toxins: Radiation (“Is that a cell phone in your pocket?”) and environmental estrogens (like those found in pesticides, soaps and shampoos) are kryptonite to sperm.

DieT: It is well known that what you eat and drink can affect sperm health. 

Treat medical conditions: Diabetes, high blood pressure and being overweight affect sperm health. 

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